The mission of this site is to benchmark all USB Flash drives over the world.

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  • Choose your usb flash drive letter and start the benchmark.
  • Wait for results to be published on the site and...
Enjoy comparing your results with other published on the site!
Top 10 of the fastest Flash Drives (Read)
SizeModelWrite speedRead speed
8GbBally USBInstallMedia1823.66 MB/s7015.72 MB/s
65GbKingston DataTraveler 1508.37 MB/s852.16 MB/s
32GbSD SCSI Disk Device29.54 MB/s724.80 MB/s
31GbTDK LoR Gold 3.016.10 MB/s675.83 MB/s
16GbFreecom DATABAR6.39 MB/s640.07 MB/s
126GbInnostor Innostor2123.20 MB/s592.88 MB/s
126GbUSB Device53.87 MB/s514.08 MB/s
126GbKingston DT Ultimate G368.65 MB/s474.59 MB/s
126GbCorsair Voyager GS170.24 MB/s386.53 MB/s
31GbGeneric 00000 SD Card16.53 MB/s385.75 MB/s
Top 10 of the fastest Flash Drives (Write)
SizeModelWrite speedRead speed
126GbInnostor Innostor2123.20 MB/s592.88 MB/s
8GbBally USBInstallMedia1823.66 MB/s7015.72 MB/s
31GbCorsair Voyager389.16 MB/s39.75 MB/s
248GbKingston DT HyperX 3.0238.64 MB/s248.02 MB/s
65GbeVtran EV03S-64G231.60 MB/s230.25 MB/s
120GbSanDisk Ext SSD221.45 MB/s247.82 MB/s
126GbKingston HyperX Savage195.46 MB/s232.88 MB/s
240GbSanDisk Ext SSD190.92 MB/s211.71 MB/s
64GbHorui SLC 64GB190.60 MB/s212.44 MB/s
253GbMUSHKIN MKNUFDIM256GB187.28 MB/s265.11 MB/s
Last 10 benchmarked Flash Drives
SizeModelWrite speedRead speed
15GbKingston DataTraveler 3.07.68 MB/s30.94 MB/s
32GbTOSHIBA TransMemory-Ex2111.09 MB/s217.98 MB/s
16GbUSB Flash Memory11.27 MB/s27.87 MB/s
129GbPNY USB 3.0 FD29.55 MB/s30.88 MB/s
8GbHTC Android Phone8.91 MB/s11.52 MB/s
31GbMonster MONSTER DIGITAL25.45 MB/s30.28 MB/s
15GbSanDisk Ultra USB 3.013.36 MB/s26.72 MB/s
8GbKingston DataTraveler G39.57 MB/s20.82 MB/s
31GbSanDisk Ultra22.96 MB/s33.39 MB/s
16GbUSB3.0 FLASH DRIVE9.70 MB/s124.76 MB/s