The mission of this site is to benchmark all USB Flash drives over the world.

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Top 10 of the fastest Flash Drives (Read)
SizeModelWrite speedRead speed
2GbSanDisk Cruzer7.23 MB/s119.10 MB/s
2GbApacer AH2357.79 MB/s63.57 MB/s
2GbCorsair Flash Voyager8.86 MB/s61.32 MB/s
2GbVerbatim STORE N GO6.81 MB/s43.94 MB/s
2GbSanDisk Cruzer Colors+8.70 MB/s27.78 MB/s
2GbOCZ RALLY28.96 MB/s27.78 MB/s
2GbCrucial Gizmo! overdrive16.00 MB/s27.49 MB/s
2GbLinux File-CD Gadget12.34 MB/s27.28 MB/s
2GbSTEC STEC USB 2.013.77 MB/s27.02 MB/s
2GbKingston DataTraveler 4007.75 MB/s26.72 MB/s
Top 10 of the fastest Flash Drives (Write)
SizeModelWrite speedRead speed
2GbCorsair VoyagerGT20.42 MB/s25.66 MB/s
2GbCorsair Voyager GT18.42 MB/s24.71 MB/s
2GbJetFlash TS2GJF16817.91 MB/s23.70 MB/s
2GbKingston DataTraveler R17.14 MB/s26.57 MB/s
2GbOCZ ET1208AD16.33 MB/s24.23 MB/s
2GbCrucial Gizmo! overdrive16.00 MB/s27.49 MB/s
2GbKingston DataTraveler II+14.72 MB/s22.84 MB/s
2GbTranscend JetFlash 18514.72 MB/s17.59 MB/s
2GbTranscend JetFlash 16014.63 MB/s20.82 MB/s
2GbGeneral USB Flash Disk14.08 MB/s16.72 MB/s
Last 10 benchmarked Flash Drives
SizeModelWrite speedRead speed
2GbKingston DataTraveler 2.02.15 MB/s20.24 MB/s
2GbUt165 USB2FlashStorage7.24 MB/s22.61 MB/s
2GbGeneral USB Flash Disk6.62 MB/s18.57 MB/s
2GbCBM Flash Disk6.06 MB/s12.94 MB/s
2GbUSB2.0 Flash Disk2.99 MB/s13.83 MB/s
2GbUSB2.0 FlashDisk2.71 MB/s8.77 MB/s
2GbUSB Flash Disk6.34 MB/s16.58 MB/s
2GbVerbatim STORE N GO6.21 MB/s10.38 MB/s
2GbTOSHIBA TransMemory8.63 MB/s21.77 MB/s
2GbSanDisk Cruzer Micro5.18 MB/s25.71 MB/s